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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding products, policies, and all things that make us SAVAGE!

If you still have a question that is not answered here, just drop us an email at hello@savagebarbell.com or if we're online, hit us with that chat button on the bottom right of our website.

Discounts & Promotions

Yes... only if we have not processed your order. If your order has left the warehouse....sorry but it's too late. Make sure you are on our email list to be notified for upcoming sales and promotions.

Thank you for your service!!

Savage Barbell is happy to offer a service personnel discount to active military, teachers, and first-responders. We use an identity verification system in order to validate your status. Please follow the instructions here to complete your verification and receive your unique discount code.

Savage Barbell Service Personnel Discount

Again, we thank you for your service and hope you enjoy your special discount.

Nope, sorry, no way, not happening. Pick the best discount and run with it!

Chances are the code is working just fine.  

Some codes have "Rules".  Make sure you are following the rules for the sale.  

The rules will be in the email or Social Media post where you found the code.

Of course we do! And they make the perfect gift!  ;)

Grab one here Savage Barbell Gift Cards

We're happy to discuss wholesale pricing with verified dealers and large purchasers. We have a minimum purchase of $2,500 for all wholesale purchases.

If you meet the minimum order value, please contact us by email at hello@savagebarbell.com. 

Use the subject "WHOLESALE PRICING" and it will get routed to the appropriate staff who will provide you with further details.


Each of our products should include specific size charts on the website. You should find it under the product detail section tab where it says "Size Guide".

Some products will include a picture of the product on one of our models or athletes. We will indicate the model's height, weight, and size of the product used.

You can also use these general size guides for fallback in the event it is not shown.


What you are seeing is an authorization for your original order. Some banks will hold authorization for longer than 24 hours. This is all dependent on YOUR credit card issuer or bank.

When you place an order, our system requests an AUTHORIZATION from your card issuer or bank. If the bank approves the authorization, we continue processing your order and send you an order notification by email. At the end of the business day, our system will process and CAPTURE your money from your card issuer or bank. This is the only valid charge on your account from Savage Barbell - a successful order. 

If you place an order with an incorrect address and it fails AVS (address verification system) or your card is declined, you may still see an authorization. If you try several times, you may see several authorizations holds on your credit card. Again, your bank will release the authorization on its own schedule. We've found that most banks will hold an authorization between 24 hours up to 3-5 business days.

Contact your card issuer or bank for specific details.

3 possibilities... 

1. You didn't actually complete your purchase.

2. Confirmation notices went into your spam.

3. You didn't enter your email correctly.


So you want to be a Savage Barbell sponsored athlete? That's fantastic! We are always looking for influential people to help grow our BRAND.

Tag #savagebarbell on social media when you wear your favorite SAVAGE BARBELL apparel. When you do that our Social Media Team can find you.

They can check out your social media engagement and interaction. Then we'll get in touch if you're a match!

Try Now, Pay Later

You can try a total of 8 Savage Barbell items for free! Just add items to your cart, go through the checkout process, authorize your credit card (a hold will be placed on your card, but you won't be charged), then we'll ship out your items. 

Your 7-day trial starts the day your items arrive at your door. Try it all on, keep what you like, and send back what you don't like. Of course, you'll only pay for the items you keep.

You will use your standard Credit/Debit card to authorize the TryNow checkout process. As noted above, your card will be "authorized," which means TryNow will place a hold for the total amount of the order. Once your trial is over, you will only be charged for the items you keep - return the rest before the expiration date, and you're all set!

You can still use discount codes on your TryNow orders. The same rules apply to TryNow vs. regular orders on discount code restrictions (ex, no discount on clearance items). Pay attention to the discount guidelines.

You cannot use rewards points, gift cards, or other payment methods such as AfterPay or other BNPL solutions.

Before your 7-day trial ends, go to our return portal and start your return. Click here or visit https://savagebarbell.com/apps/returns

At this time, TryNow is only available in the US, except for Nevada and New Mexico. We will update here if/when there are any changes to the availability in those restricted states and international options.

We're here to help and make sure the process is easy for you. If your question is not answered above, please send a note to hello@savagebarbell.com or hit us up in the bottom-right chat icon to get your questions answered.